Vormetric Data Security Solutions

Vormetric data security solutions solve data protection problems across a range of industries and use cases for protecting data-at-rest with encryption, access controls and intelligent log data around access to encrypted data. Data protection solutions in each area:

  • Support compliance and regulatory requirements
  • Enable organizations to meet contractual requirements for data protection from customers and partners
  • Help to protect intellectual property and financial data
  • Safeguard sensitive information from data breaches


Vormetric Digital Digest On Data Security

Data Security in the Cloud

In today’s competitive environment, enterprises earn their customers’ trust every day.

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Encryption as an Enterprise Strategy

Vormetric Data Security: Complying with PCI DSS 3.0 Encryption Rules

This report is a survey and offers analysts on creating an enterprise-wide encryption strategy and explores the growing “encrypt everything” philosophy.

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 With commercial tools, such as Vormetric, you can actually give certain people certain access without root-level privileges. You can encrypt your data in storage to set up roles of who actually gets to see the data. The admins can do their jobs, and they don’t get access to any data files. 

Robert Bigman,
former CISO at the CIA
GovInfoSecurity – June 21, 2013


Encryption Architecture

Vormetric Data Security Overview

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Quantifying the Cost of a Data Breach by Industry

Quantifying the Cost of a Data Breach by Industry

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The Vormetric Digital Digest on Data Security

Customer and Partner Success

  • Rackspace Cloud Partners
  • McKesson
  • AWS
  • Google Compute Engine
  • Microsoft
  • IBM
  • CenturyLink
  • QTS
  • Teleperformance Secures
  • Delta Dental