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Enabling Security and Compliance in the Most Critical Systems and Environments

With the Vormetric Data Security Platform, IT organizations can address their security objectives and compliance mandates in a number of systems and environments. Whether you’re looking to guard against abuse by privileged users, encrypt sensitive data in a database, or address your compliance mandates in the cloud, Vormetric can help. Browse the content below to learn more about how Vormetric data security solutions can be applied where you need them most.

Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs)

All of the following have recently experienced high-visibility, career damaging APT events:

  • Retail
  • Entertainment
  • Financials Services
  • Government
  • Manufacturing
  • Defense contractors

APTs are on the rise and no enterprise is safe. Learn how Vormetric can help keep your organization safe from APTs by protecting the data itself.

Data Security Solutions for APTs.

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Big Data Security

Big data presents a tremendous opportunity for enterprises across industries. By tapping into new volumes and varieties of data, scientists, executives, product managers, marketers, and a range of others can start making more informed plans and decisions, discover new opportunities for optimization, and deliver breakthrough innovations. Without the right data security in place, however, big data can mean big problems.

Vormetric data security solutions enable organizations to maximize the benefits of big data analytics without risking the security of their sensitive data. The Vormetric Data Security Platform offers the capabilities that organizations need to secure sensitive data across big data environments—including big data source data sets, big data infrastructure, and big data analytic results.

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Cloud Security

It’s simple: When moving to cloud services, the security of your enterprise data is your responsibility—and your problem if things go awry. To leverage cloud resources while meeting your cloud security and compliance requirements, your security teams need robust, persistent, and granular controls—controls that can be applied whether data is in your internal data center or at your cloud provider’s facilities.

If your organization has been letting security and compliance concerns delay or minimize the migration of sensitive assets into cloud environments, Vormetric has the solution. Delivering robust, comprehensive security capabilities, Vormetric solutions have been proven to help organizations address their security requirements in the cloud.

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Cyber Security

Cyber security incidents are on the rise in both government and non-government settings generating costs estimated at up to $1 trillion and damaging senior executive careers. And, the problem is increasing in cost to organizations and complexity to solve.

Vormetric Data Security solutions help enterprises in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors meet their data protection challenges with true data security. Data security that goes beyond compliance, is quick to implement, has little or no negative impact on ease of use or system performance and at a great price point.

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Database Encryption

Encrypting sensitive data in databases has clearly gone beyond optional, and is now a firm requirement. Whether an organization is looking to secure intellectual property, comply with privacy or regulatory mandates, or simply guard the organization’s brand against the damage associated with data breaches, database encryption represents a vital imperative.

With Vormetric data security solutions, you can gain the capabilities you need to encrypt and secure sensitive assets in databases, while avoiding the challenges traditionally associated with database encryption. Today, Vormetric offers a range of offerings that help safeguard assets in databases.

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File Encryption Solutions

Virtually every data security protocol requires data encryption. But all data encryption is not the same. In enterprises, where data is frequently stored in multiple forms on multiple operating systems in multiple places, including the cloud, Vormetric’s file-based encryption with integrated key management is the best way to reduce the risk of embarrassing and even career–damaging breaches.

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Key Vaulting

As the scope and volume of encryption continues to grow in enterprises, so too do the number of keys and certificates. This proliferation of cryptographic assets can create a huge administrative burden—and even bigger security vulnerabilities if effective safeguards aren’t in place. The Vormetric Data Security Platform can help you address both of these issues.

With Vormetric, you can establish a vault for centrally and securely managing all your cryptographic policies and assets. By leveraging the Vormetric Data Security Platform, your security teams can avoid the cost and effort of having to support multiple key managers—and more easily ensure keys are properly stored, secured, and backed up.

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Microsoft SQL Server Encryption

By encrypting sensitive data in Microsoft SQL Server databases, organizations can establish a strong line of defense that can help secure sensitive assets against a range of threats. However, while the reasons to adopt database encryption are clear, that doesn’t mean the effort is simple. In fact, for many organizations, database encryption has presented a range of obstacles, including degraded database performance, laborious revisions to application code, and complex and time consuming key management efforts.

The Vormetric Data Security Platform enables you to encrypt and secure sensitive assets in your SQL Server databases, while avoiding the challenges traditionally associated with this form of encryption.

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MongoDB Data Security

The explosive growth of structured, relational data and other data sources and the need to manage all this data and derive insights from it has led to the rapid adoption of MongoDB, a general purpose NoSQL-based database that is an alternative to legacy relational databases. MongoDB is designed with a number of security features, but data in MongoDB still requires protection from privileged users who do not need data access and attacks that target underlying servers or physical storage. MongoDB has partnered with Vormetric to address this need.

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NAS Security

Within today’s organizations, network-attached storage (NAS) environments represent massive and massively expanding collections of data—including virtually any sensitive, proprietary, and regulated assets the business accumulates.

With the Vormetric Data Security Platform, your organization can institute strong, comprehensive protections around the sensitive assets that are stored in your NAS environments.

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Oracle Encryption

Sensitive intellectual property. Regulated data. Confidential employee information. At any given time, any and all of these vital assets may be stored in your Oracle databases. For these reasons, your Oracle databases represent a critical asset for your business—and a prized target for malicious insiders and external cyber criminals.

The Vormetric Data Security Platform enables you to encrypt and secure sensitive assets in your Oracle databases, while avoiding the challenges traditionally associated with this form of encryption.

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Privileged User Access control

Over the course of the past few decades, computing architectures, security approaches, and security threats have all changed radically. However, over that time, a common security gap has persisted: the risks posed by administrative access privileges.

With the Vormetric Data Security Platform, organizations can gain the comprehensive, robust, and granular controls they need to guard against the abuse of privileged user access.

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RSA DPM Replacement

RSA has notified current users of End Of Product Support (EOPS) for RSA Data Protection Manager (DPM). The notification was announced regarding the RSA Data Protection Manager Appliance, RSA Data Protection Key Client & RSA Data Protection Token Client.

Vormetric is pleased to offer current RSA DPM customers a proven alternative for encrypting and tokenizing valuable data assets to meet regulations and mitigate the cyber threats your organization faces. Don’t get caught with a security solution that is at the end of its life. We can simplify and accelerate the migration to a supported data security platform.

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Saas Data Security

When they use SaaS software and networks, customers are concerned about how secure their data is from cyber criminals and competitors. SaaS providers need a data security solution that secures intellectual property as well as regulated and confidential data.

Vormetric for SaaS Providers offers data-at-rest security solutions that extend their SaaS offerings to include encryption, access control, detailed access logging, and end-customer controlled key management.

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The SAP HANA® platform, which is used by enterprises both for transactional data operations as well as for real-time analytics, delivers high‐performance throughput as well as low latency. SAP HANA stores and processes sensitive

Enterprise data that must be secured in order to meet industry‐specific regulatory requirements, as well as offering real security in an age of porous perimeters. With SAP HANA deployed in the cloud and offered as a service, cloud security, especially data security, becomes even more important.

Security is even more important when hosting sensitive data in the cloud, in a service provider’s data center.

There is an inherent loss of control when using a cloud hosting provider as suddenly, others are administering the customers’ technology landscapes.

HANA, SAP, Vormetric, Intel, and Virtustream collaborated at SAP Co-innovation Lab to secure SAP HANA data and log volumes using Vormetric Transparent Encryption and Data Security Manager technologies.

The results have demonstrated:

  • Robust security enabling customers to become the custodians of their encryption keys
  • Effective enablement of data‐access control policies
  • Minimal performance overhead required to encrypt large data sets for solutions running on SAP HANA

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Securing Unstructured Files

Right now, sensitive and regulated data could be anywhere. Some encryption alternatives can help you secure data in specific systems, for example, a specific kind of database. However, what happens if a spreadsheet report that contains sensitive data is extracted from the database?

To establish strong protections, IT teams need a central encryption platform that can secure sensitive data wherever it resides—and that’s why so many organizations rely on Vormetric Transparent Encryption. With this solution, you can secure sensitive data in structured databases and unstructured files—including spreadsheets, word documents, presentations, graphics, and more.

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Storage Encryption

If you store sensitive data, it needs to be secure to protect your customers, your intellectual property, your organization’s reputation and your job security. Vormetric can help you keep your data safe through encryption, integrated key management, strict user access policies and security intelligence.

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TDE Key Management

Today, many versions of Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server databases provide Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) functionality. Through this TDE functionality, customers can encrypt data at the database or cell level within Oracle and SQL Server databases.

If your organization has invested in these TDE solutions, Vormetric can help you leverage these investments, while substantially strengthening security and streamlining administrative efforts.

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Virtual Environment Security

When you’re running sensitive data in fluid virtualization platforms, a lot can change—including the location of a given asset, the underlying physical server, and more. However, critical demands don’t change: sensitive assets need to be secured at all times. To address security policies and compliance mandates in virtualized environments, robust, persistent, and auditable controls need to be applied.

Vormetric Transparent Encryption delivers the security capabilities you need to safeguard your sensitive assets. Whether you’re running VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine), or any other standard virtualization platform, Vormetric can help you address your critical security requirements, with unparalleled efficiency and low cost of ownership.

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 We’ve never had a Vormetric Data Security Manager appliance fail, or even falter. The separation of key operators, key creator, policy, administrator, access controls, and the separation of duties model are all truly military grade; and I have a lot of experience in this field! 

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Encryption Architecture

Implementing a Secure Big Data Environment with MongoDB and Vormetric

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Vormetric Data Security Use Cases

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